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Sky Throne is the main approved EU and UK Distributor of Council of Vapor Products

Council of Vapor was founded by a group of passionate vapers who were seeking the most durable tools to cope with a long life expectancy and range of uses. Council of Vapor creations are born from the hearts of true vapers and the lifestyle existence as the ultimate goal. The group doesn't believe that a person makes a mod, we believe that an owners mod becomes a part of them after creation.

Our mods and delivery systems are designed in the US by the Council of Vapor founding team and crafted in Taiwan. We've created an easy to assemble, compatible, new aged line of devices that fit a vapers' true desires. If you looking for a new line to satisfy your needs, look to Council of Vapor, we are a group of experienced vapers who understand the needs of what you are looking for.

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Devices & Mods

- Minivolt 40w (Mod and Kit)
- Trident 60w (Mod and Kit)
- Tempest 200w (Mod)
- Wraith 80w Squonker
- MegaVolt 80w (Mod)


- Defiant
- Phoenix
- Royal Hunter
- Royal Hunter Mini
- Royal Hunter X
- Phoenix
- Vengeance